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Ascend and rebon 1.2

31 enero, 2015

This is the proyect that have all my attention of the past months, i  started on june of 2014, i hope you like this Beta, in order to sepend more time on my life on this i need see what others think about it.



In Kandull, the bigest country on the continent, the evil king rules spreading the evil and each capable soldier try to stop him with his evil lords changing the people lives for ever, it was said that the evil king has a powerfull spell that can proyect a person out of the land.

In search for relieve most of the Kandull citicenz where to evacuate to Mesoameric Province in order to survive, a foergin province that has is own rules, seems that the evil king can not touch that land, due to his diststance, you willl found yourself as one of those who lose the fight aiganist the evil king, taking your power and maybe more than that. Is up to you help to destroy the evil ing and release Kandull.


12 4 3


Gameplay duratio on the beta:

30-40 minutes to finish main quest and….

1 to 2 hours to rise level in order to finish the final enemy.

+ Over +100 maps

+ Day and night cicle (i made with common events hahaha… yea is not a good idea because before to simplify i created more than 60 for make it works….)

+ Than 30 original music tracks, actually that is the cause of what i am done with the game… just get exausted…

Notes: I have a little problem making the main quest, because i kinda mess up with too many common events and when i add new ones sometimes the conditionals does not work…

+ I want to create a game that could be selled in greenlight, i have this steps on mind.

1. test this beta on the comunity. (see how much attention it gets)

2. Update the game or maybe make other new complete with all sugessted features. (Testing again on green light)

3.  Adding some extra stuff before release.

I does not have intention to reach step two if i dont get my time worth it on the first step, also i am releasing my art to the comunnity on rpg maker forums, that kinda does not like me but since i am using stuff from others i thin i have a responsability and also maybe it could be handly to someone.


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