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Artificer P.O.D. IGMC 2015

11 julio, 2015

Hey, this is my P.O.D. (Protocol of development) Where you can see the progress of my project for the Indie game maker contest 2015.

08/07/2015 = The history flows has been finished. /Work in progress with the cinematic.

The last year i encourage my life to the art of writing, i made 43 books on a year, so, i was expecting this was going to be really easy but took me more than i expected, the English grammar needs to be improved still  but the words are done.

09/07/2015 = The Map development has been finished at 80%. / Work in progress with the cinematic.

I learn from my mistakes building maps, thanks to my projects, specially to Ascend and Reborn, is pretty easy for me do the mapping.

10/07/2015 = Work in progress with the cinematic. (Still on that but i manage to progress a lot on the history, but i am thinking on cut it out, is taking too much time and my index finger is starting to hurt sometimes)

11/07/2015 working on cinematic still, and map development, this day make a mistake with the map so i am overwrite some parts of it, at least is a preventive one. By the way i sleep 4 hours today, the day still goes on so i am not pretty sure about the timing on my sleep routine, someday it starts at the next day, i have the rule of if  feel sleep go to bed, can stay awake go to the Marker.

13/07/2015 working on everything! seems that i am not done with the map and the bugs are killing me… but i need to keep my working stuff over the 12 hours per day.

14/07/2015 Working on everything! the maps, bugs, history and i thought…

16/07/2015 Yesterday finished the first part, but there are a lot of bugs…


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